Sunday, 21 October 2012

Without You.....

This week is full with memories for my dear Hanna, and for the very first time without Papa.  Last Tuesday (16 October 2012) was her 6th. birthday. Unlike those years Arwah preferred to treat the kids out, together with a bithday cake.  But it was not the same that day.  Syakira ordered a chocolate cake from ibu cookie (Ros) and early in the morning Hasya and Tok Wan sent it over to her school. She celebrated with her teachers and friends. Happy Birthday Hanna Syakira, Mama and all of us will always pray for you.

For the past few days she was also busy rehearsing for her annual concert, showing her talent to everyone but, didn't stop her from dreming of Arwah.  Two days ago she woke up and told me, "Mama, Hanna mimpi Hanna balik mengaji nampak Papa senyum dekat Hanna tapi dia tak cakap apa-apa, lepas tu Hanna senyum balik dekat Papa.  Masa tu Mama tengah sidai baju dekat luar". I guess she misses him a lot.

Finally, last night was the big day for all the chidren and as for Hanna she made us proud with her opening speech. Kakak Syakira, Kakak Hasya and Ayah Chik were her trainers. 

Hanna was also performing for Medley Songs and Korean Dance. Other chidren were witnessed by their Mum And Daddy but not for Hanna. Thanks to all Teachers, Teacher Rozi, Nenek, Toksu, Buji, Aunty Lely, Uncle Ai and  all cousins for the moral support, you all made her happy for being there and seing her performing has put everyone to tears.

Do enjoy and share some photos during  the annual concert. It was a simple  one but yet a very meaningful experince for Hanna and Gang (Geng Pergi Sekolah with Ihsan and Lokman) and the rest. Hanna, always remember that we will always love you.....................

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