Saturday, 26 October 2013


Yes, she does. Hanna Syakira the youngest and used to be very close to arwah Hanif. She will definitely brings me back down to the memory lane..

I was driving home last Thursday when she called, sharing her excitement with me. " Mama , Hanna dah dapat markah BM 81, Matematik 90, BI 90. "Pandai Hanna", thats all I can say.

At around 7.30pm she was busy calling someone. I knew it. Hanna was so excited to share with everyone . " Nenek, ni Hanna. Hanna dah dapat markah, ..and so on...same story to share.. Mama nenek nak solat, nanti Hanna call baliklah."

After a while, again... I heard the conversation, Aunty Lily jadi mangsa...Aunty/ Trolley( mereka dan nama samaran masing2) Hanna dah dapat markah... and again, same story to share....

And last night , Mama dah beritahu Kak Syakira ke markah Hanna. I said No and she quikly weechat kakak.

This morning when we were in uitm she was trying hard to share the same story with Buji thru whtts app but maybe the line was quite distracted.

And finally just few minutes ago, just the two of us in the car. She finally said it and it broke my heart so much.  "Kalau Papa,ada dia mesti dah belikan Hanna hadiah". At last I realised, she misses him a lot. Tambah lagi Hanna genap 7 tahun pada 16 Oktober lalu dan selama ketika Arwah masih ada pasti ada sesuatu untuk Hanna setidak2 nya kek dikongsi bersama Kak Hasya (they both share the same bday month).
terima kasih banyak2 to Aunty2 and Nenek and kakak2 and everyone yng tidak jemu melayan Hanna yang memang sering merindui.....

Dan dua tiga hari lalu terdengar Hanna menelefon dan mengadu domba dengan Kak Syakira bila Haziq mengusiknya sehingga menangis. Dan itulah rutin Hanna sejak dulu lagi kepada papanya ketika arwah masih ada. Rupanya kini Kak Syakira pengganti arwah.  Thanks Syakira for listening to her and soothe her everytime she calls. That's what kakak is for, right.

Hanna sering dilihat sangat nakal, ceria , keletah tetapi jauh di sudut hatinya pasti  tetap teringat akan Arwah dan will always do. Never that she misses even once praying for arwah everytime passing by Tanah Perkubuean Bukit Badak.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


13 October 2013

Headed to KLIA around 2.30 pm. Million thanks to Syamim, Wie and Aiman for sending fourteen of us.

First time flying with Malindo Air ("Not Just Low Cost") departed at 4.55pm. An hour and five minutes travelling with Malindo Air and I personally feel it was worth it. Not only free check-in baggage (20 kg) but each passenger was served with a red bean bun and a cute mineral water  at a fare of RM74 (promo) per person. Hope Air Asia could offer the same in the future....
Nenek mendapat layanan istimewa

Mendarat di Langkawi International Airportt

En. Azizi, owner D'Padi menyambut kami

Reached Langkawi Airport at 6pm and En. Azizi, the D'padi owner brought us straight to the homestay.

Overlooking to scenic paddy fields,
The D'padi homestay is really calm and strategically located right in the middle of the  paddy fields. A cute nice three bedrooms bungalow and fully furnished.

Nothing much for the day, Ai and Lily did a
quick grocery while familiarising themselves with the routes.

Early bedtime for everyone, and another new and exciting experience for tomorrow, Payar Island for snorkeling.