Friday, 23 November 2012



I started my day as usual, but this morning was quite chaotic, laundry, breakfast for the kids, the clothes and  straight to 8.30 morning class.  It was quite a busy traffic, and finally reached level seven quite late. Apparently,  I was not the only one being late when the classroom was still locked. Everyone was still waiting outside and finally,  minutes later  managed to get the key, thank you Najmi.

Tutorial on Income Statement and SOFP, but thought of viewing the students' previous tutorial answer. Some showed their effort and most of them didn't, too bad. Thus, the class started with a short piece of advice and 'tazkirah' instead. Sorry guys, sometimes it is necessary as  a gentle reminder. I really hope they manage although accounting lecturer is always the last in the list just because you are teaching accounting (My nephew even quoted accounting paper as a killing paper). I wonder why........

However, after a while they were at the right track and the photos below proved it.


My first day after the 'four months and ten days' ('edah') ended. Few acquaintances who had
experienced before claimed the period was just perfect to settle and coped well 'emotionally'. Nevertheless, I am still trying hard to patch things up and cannot deny the feeling of pain and agony. No matter how tough it is, by hook or by crook I have to go through the new episode of my life. 


The 9th day of Muharram (the first month of Islamic calendar) and towards Muharram the 10th. The first month Muharram, is a month of great reward and virtue.  Muharram itself means `sacred' and is from those months which have been mentioned as sacred in the Holy Quraan. 

 Almighty Allah states in the Holy Quraan:
"Four of them ( Zil-Qadah, Zil-Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab) are sacred."
(Surah At-Tawbah:36)

Many Muslims fast during daylight hours on the 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th days of the month to mark the Day of Asyura.  

10th Muharram - Things To Do :

1. Freeing up your time/spending on your wife and children - Allah will free up his life this year.
2. Honouring the poor and needy- Allah will free up space in his grave later
3. Controlling your Anger - At Akhirat later, Allah will categorise him among the people who are ridha or patient
4. Show the people who are lost the true path- Allah will fill your heart with the light of Imaan
5. Running  hand on the head of a child with no parents- Allah will give  a tree for each strand of hair he touches.
6. Giving alms (sadaqah)- Allah will put him away from the fire the distance a crow flies since its birth to its death. He is also given sinners as though he has given sadaqah to every poor soul in the world
7. Take care of his self-respect- Allah will provide you a life filled with the light of imaan
8. Take a Sunnah Bath: Will not get any heavy or bad sickness for the entire year. Niat: I bath on the day of Asyura, sunnah, on the purpose of Allah swt.
9. Putting on kohls- Will not suffer from any forms of eye diseases.
10. To read Al Ikhlas for a 1000 times- Allah will look at you with mercy at Akhirat later.
11. Do a 4-rakaat Sunnah prayer- Allah will forgive sins even if it has been with you for the past 50 years. Niat: I pray on the day of Asyura, four raka'at, sunnah, for the purpose of Allah swt. For the first two rak'at recite, after Al-Fatihah, Qulhu Allahu Ahad 11 times.
13. Serve Iftar(break fast): Given sinners as though you have fed the entire Muslim Ummah around the world
14. Fast Niat: I fast Sunnah Asyura the next day for the purpose of Allah swt- given sinners equivalent to 1000 hajjs, 1000 umrahs, 1000 Syahids and the hell is forbidden for him.

May we be showered with his blessings...........

To all, thank you for your time reading my blog and to Kak Laili thank you so much for your support...............