Monday, 26 November 2012

26 November 2012, Without You

26 November, is arwah Hanif's date of birth. This year and in fact today, no more birthday cake and present, but only 'doa' to arwah papa. May Allah swt. in his infinite mercy bless his soul with forgiveness and  admit him in the eternal bliss of paradise, Al fatihah.....

This time I wish to share the memories, writings and contributions done by Arwah.  He did things based on due dates.  Arwah spent end of every month analyzing bulk of newspapers and summarised  into a three page column for his Dewan Ekonomi article. At times I assisted him with the translations. 

One of the articles written by arwah in the monthly "pelaburan" column/section.


Oleh Mohd. Hanif Mohd. Helmi
Pada bulan Disember 2011, Indeks Komposit Kuala Lumpur FBM mula meningkat kembali. Indeks mula melepasi tahap 1500 mata pada 27 Disember dan terus berada pada paras yang setara sehingga akhir bulan. Indeks ditutup dengan 1530.73 mata pada hari terakhir bulan Disember, berbanding dengan 1472.10 mata pada bulan sebelumnya. Perbezaan ini menunjukkan kenaikan sebanyak 58.63 mata (3.98 peratus).
Unit dagangan juga turun sedikit, dengan 35 398.92 juta unit berbanding dengan 37 993.89 juta unit pada bulan November 2011. Unit dagangan harian berada pada paras di atas 1000 juta unit pada setiap hari kecuali pada 23 Disember 2011.
Rencana ini dipetik daripada Dewan Ekonomi Februari 2012.''

At the same time he was also contributing to the Malaysian Institute Of Accountant (MIA) writing the case studies and many more. He was also lecturing one of the MIA papers. Please share this last piece of work planned with MIA as one of the moderators.

Symposium Programme - DAY 2

11 .15 am  Ethical Issues Facing the Accounting Profession 

Issues of business ethics are widely discussed in the professional. The scandals in recent years clearly show the need to instil in students, who will become the future managers of businesses, the importance of ethics. Can business ethics be taught?
Moderator : • Assoc. Prof. Mohd Hanif Mohd Helmi, Deputy Dean of Bank Rakyat     School of Business and Entrepreneurship with UNIRAZAK


Earlier in the brochure extract as above, he was acknowledged as one of the symposium moderators, but nevertheless his sudden demise on the 11th July2012 had turned to be part of the contents in the keynote address of the President. It was very sad indeed when I read it in the MIA website recently. I hope his good deeds has and will keep on benefiting everyone and may we share the appreciation by MIA President, Datuk Mohd. Nasir Ahmad for our remembrance......

*Before I proceed with my speech, I would like to request from all present to observe a moment of silence to remember and pray for the late Associate Professor Mohd Hanif Mohd Helmi, the Deputy Dean of Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneur with UNIRAZAK who passed away peacefully on 11 July 2012. (Al - Fateha prayers for Muslims) Thank you.*

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May I share the moments together with Arwah......

The demise of Allahyarham Mohd. Hanif on the 11th of July 2012



Recent visit on the 24th November 2012 (10th Muharram)

"DOA" from Hanna is always for you Papa

We will remember and pray for you, always.....AL-FATIHAH ...........

(26 November 1970 - 11 July 2012)