Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Life's Like That

It has been almost a month that I last updated the blog.  Too occupied. Things which were compiled and submitted in order to the respective parties (govt. dept. and private sectors) are now pending. The processes are very complicated , time consuming which I personally think very annoying and to some I extent I feel they are purposely treating you unfairly. Unless if you are the Pn. Sri or Datin or maybe a well known celebrities or even someone who holds a title, then I am very certain their experiences are just like fairy tales.
Once everything is in order I wish to share the experiences with everyone especially single moms with no title just like me.

 Being alone for almost eight months allow me to see things differently.  No matter how strong you are trying to prove to your kids and others, I must admit that sometimes you are lying to yourself. Yes, as time goes by people are judging and supporting. A very cliche approach, "Ni dah ok ni , sabar banyak banyak semua ni ada hikmah. U kena fikir ada orang tu lagi susah suami meninggal tiba tiba , duit tak ada. U ni kira untungla sangatkan. Apa nak risau rumah, rezeki untuk ank ada, tak ada masalah, Bersyukur ajalah" Well thats about it..... thanks anyway . I must agree and I must feel gifted in a way ( if that's the best way to say it). Its kind of a relief when you share and listen to those who are in the same boat instead. Its not about not being thankful but its about feelings and different challenges. A friend of my sister apparently took seven years to accept it, and no doubt she was left with good health and wealth and she is a professor. In fact I think her children had settled down. In a way a person can only understands the true feelings when she experiences herself....

A person with a single title or to be more precise Ms. "J" is also an issue. You are always misjudged in every aspect as though you are a very dangerous creature to all wives out there. This is the fact although you are just a simple person.....(kalau Cik Ta tu lainla kan)
As life goes on you face different challenges and surroundings.

Hope to continue in my next post:)