Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What a Day

A fine Tuesday morning, same house chores school bags, uniforms and laundry before leaving for KL. A smooth journey heading to Wangsa Maju when suddenly the air cond was not functioning. As soon as we passed the Jalan Duta Toll then I realized the lights at the dashboard were all turned on. Reminds me of what arwah claimed that this is a warning and something is wrong. Syakira contacted the mechanic and advised to turn off the air cond, keep on driving till i get to find a workshop. Do not turn off the engine or we'll be stranded by the roadside.

Finally reached Wangsa Maju and quickly searched for a workshop. The belt needed to be replaced.  While the mechanic did the jump start he was suddenly losing control,the car reversed and the driver's door hit and stucked at one of the cars parked nearby. Too bad when it hit the door hard enough to dent it.

It took few hours to repair and the waiting time was fully occupied settling arwah's stuff in the lawyer's office. Finally, everything was ready quite late in the evening and we headed straight to Kg Baru to collect Syakira's stuff from the hostel. Time flies very fast and all I know she has completed her first semester.

Along the way that we realised the screen cracked. Might due to the hard hit. We were lucky enough to have Rolfe  around and decided to leave the car with him to settle with the repairing. He and his wife sent us back home.

Wow, what a day. Man plans but Allah decides. Let us pray for His blessings, in shaa Allah.....