Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Here I Go Again

A very close friend of Arwah Hanif finally made it. He (my children address him as Uncle Rolfe James) married to his one and only Ruhaizat.  Congratulations and we are happy for you Uncle Rolfe.  This event was one of Arwah's concerns and his demise did not stop us from fulfilling what he had planned before.

 My kids especially the last three are quite close to him. Haziq used to call him at times without my consent and I just got to know this when Rolfe informed me. Well kids, things are different now.

Anyway, the solemnisation and reception brought me back to one of my main activities those days, the ''hantaran". I was quite actively involved in the "hantaran" making until when my fourth child was born. Staying with my mother in law those years allowed me to share and explore and received orders from weddings. Arwah supported and he assisted me all the way to "Kedai Bunga Reben" and Chow Kit Road for the flowers. 

 In fact, I was always  incharged of preparing hand corsages for the farewell dinner, corsages for the VVIPs , stage decorations for the concert when teaching in Seri Inai Senior Hulu Klang almost fourteen years ago.. There was one year during Mothers Day when I helped the students with the flower arrangements.  I personally enjoyed the experiences.

Here are some photos of the "hantaran" and yes I started to enjoy doing it again. To my family, friends and to all, thank you for supporting and I am now ready and  waiting for the orders.  Please keep that in mind ya....:)

Kek dari Kusen Snack

Adat Melayu kekalkan iringan Bunga Pahar  dari pihak lelaki

Di masjid, Majlis Akad Nikah. Bukan pengantin tapi Chef Ismail pula yang jadi tumpuan