Sunday, 30 December 2012


It was around 8.30am when Myra called reminding me about the orientation day.  Thank you so much.  Hanna was a bit late but alhamdulillah she managed  to join the others sitting for the placement test. All the best.

On the way to school she said to herself "papa hanna pergi sekolah ya".That was a true reminder to me that she misses arwah a lot......

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Today is meant for kidzania trip with all the kids. We reached here quite early and parked in ikea which is more convenient . Wow a credit  should be given to Syakira and Hasya for being so coorperative in getting the best route (with the sssistance of waze). Its about timee to check  in. Continue later.........

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Never say goodbye

LIFE OF PI just ended. An outing with all five of them today 12/12/2012. A story with full of emotions. believes and challenges to survive.  The last conversation touched my heart (it was something like this), " I cried because I was left without any say or goodbye........and  it broke my heart....." .
I felt the same way that very day (11/07/2012, 2.30pm), now and forever....

Monday, 10 December 2012

Life Management

Upon the demise of arwah last July, there have been many obstacles and issues that I have  faced and in fact still a lot to settle. For whatever reasons life has to continue and resposibalities as mama and papa go on. It was like solving a set of complicated jigsaw puzzle with no clue at all. From day to day, I patch them back accordingly although the procedures were quite detailed and very time consuming. Its  about time to share with everyone.

When arwah Hanif left, I was a housewife, quitted my full time job in 2010. The first thing in my mind was how to survive and raise my five children. It was a scary and confusing feeling. I felt unsecured. Sufficient fund was the main issue and to get back to work was quite challenging. I then thought it has to be a starting point and a check list was prepared.

SOCSO office was my first visit. As a private sector employee it is very important to inquire and refer depending on case to case basis for example the total contributions made and the amount entitled for. The SOCSO website is always availabe for reference.

Alhamdulillah as for arwah's case, it was a favourable feedback.

When it was informed by SOCSO regarding the entitlement,  it was a relief to me and family. Nevertheless the officer claimed there are still many single mothers who are not aware about SOCSO. I hope my blog will at least create awareness to single mothers like me on the benefits and rights we should deserve.

Hope tocontiue in the next post.....

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Day to Remember

It was a double celebration and all of us gathered at the Island BBQ steamboat yesterday evening.

A very Happy Birthday to Mak/Nenek/Mak Unggal/Tok Unggal Saoma on her 78th Birthday. We wish you all the happiness in the world and may Allah bless you with iman, taqwa and good health.

It was also the 24th (I hope I'm right) Wedding Anniversary for Akak/Buji and Acik. Wishing you both moments of joy and happiness with dreams and memories that cherish your life, always......I am happy for both of you. As for me, I never thought my 18th.Wedding Anniversary last March (31/3/2012) was the last one.....

Everyone enjoyed the Island BBQ Steamboat buffet. A very convenient and nice place for family gathering. Located in Kg.Melayu Subang. The price is reasonable, RM22 for adult and RM10 for kids. Kids below 5 years eat for free. One of the places visited by 'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan TV3' as well. Further info. can be obtained from the webside below.

Hanna - OTW

Sampai dan terus bergambar di pintu masuk'

Cucu2 perempuan tetapi dimanakah Aye?

Birthday 'girl' dan suami tercinta 

Till then.........

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Caring is Hapiness

At last I am done with everything for today. Quite a fully occupied Saturday.

Being a single parent  requires plenty of time to ensure everyone's need is taken care. In fact all parents sacrifice their time for the same reason. 

At around 8.30 am, I sent Syakira for her first appointment.  She was a very busy lady attending her first ever theory driving class this morning and again this was one of the conversations between both of them (Arwah and her) when they chatted anddiscussed about her future plans early this year. 

The last three kids are very excited with their new bicycles.  One of the promises made by Arwah to his boys and Hanna. Some people seemed to think that I am too much in spending for them today but in sya allah I can still manage and do things wisely.

Half day has gone and its time for 'nenek' and the girls. A short visit to Jusco but hoped they enjoyed every single moment......

 Seronoknye mereka bergambar dengan Aweera (Mojo) 

Grandma and Grand daughters
My agenda continued with a quick grocery and food stuff for Snowy and Casey (Hasya's favourite).

Hanna & Snowy

Although it was quite an exhausted and restless day but I must admit the beautiful feelings of satisfaction, enjoyment and relief that touches me seeing whom you love are happy and satisfied.......

"Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness".