Monday, 10 December 2012

Life Management

Upon the demise of arwah last July, there have been many obstacles and issues that I have  faced and in fact still a lot to settle. For whatever reasons life has to continue and resposibalities as mama and papa go on. It was like solving a set of complicated jigsaw puzzle with no clue at all. From day to day, I patch them back accordingly although the procedures were quite detailed and very time consuming. Its  about time to share with everyone.

When arwah Hanif left, I was a housewife, quitted my full time job in 2010. The first thing in my mind was how to survive and raise my five children. It was a scary and confusing feeling. I felt unsecured. Sufficient fund was the main issue and to get back to work was quite challenging. I then thought it has to be a starting point and a check list was prepared.

SOCSO office was my first visit. As a private sector employee it is very important to inquire and refer depending on case to case basis for example the total contributions made and the amount entitled for. The SOCSO website is always availabe for reference.

Alhamdulillah as for arwah's case, it was a favourable feedback.

When it was informed by SOCSO regarding the entitlement,  it was a relief to me and family. Nevertheless the officer claimed there are still many single mothers who are not aware about SOCSO. I hope my blog will at least create awareness to single mothers like me on the benefits and rights we should deserve.

Hope tocontiue in the next post.....

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