Friday, 19 April 2013

Test is a bless

Its the same feeling when challenges cannot be avoided. When something happens just like that, it takes time to cure and support from everyone is a real theraphy. Sometimes you might think are you asking so much ? Are they sinceeely listening to your grievances or are they doing it just for the sake of doing it. Every day when I wake up I try to remind myself, enough of that but at times I can't avoid sharing with others. It is a relief.......

Nevertheless I am not strong enough to do so but I am trying. "redha", "ikhlas" and talk to Him. Yes I will but the moment you are trying hard to educate yourself the more you are in pain. Just because there will be more tests and challenges ahead.

After almost ten months, this is life, it hurts  so much, it is very bitter and full with pain. The demise of arwah Hanif is a real test to me and kids but surprisingly to some people thats not hard enough... I deserve more than that.

I thought everyone is pure and sincere thereafter but still there are some who are taking advantage, purposely creating unnecessary actions, "bukan apa, nak test saja Zan ni macamana melenting ke tidak itu saja". At this very moment of time, should I deserve to be tested again instead of getting support? What Allah tested me 10 months ago was still not worth it? Sampainya hati.......

"No matter how you behave with people around you, they will love you based on their NEED and their MOOD".

 I need to be strong for the kids but only He knows how I truly feel.........Anyway "ikhlaskan diri" dan "redha".

A good lesson to myself. Be sensitive and it is not  worth trusting  too much although you might have known someone for ages.You actually thought so but you didn't.

Anyway I started to believe that MONEY TALKS!.........

Harith Iskandar the entertainer claimed that woman is more intelligent than man. "If at all u are a tiny germ and stucked in a waman's brain, it is really breathless and congested in there.Full with memories, folders and files. Unlike the man's brain which is very spacious and even your voice is echoing..:) "
-Lawak ke dir.

I am a waman and you are right Mr. Harith. The surroundings are driving me crazy.

"Ikhlaskan dirimu dan redhakan segalanya"