Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Papa Cookies

It was  few weeks after Arwah Hanif passed away when I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Siti Mariah. Sure enough I found myself in a deep conversation with her. We shared about life experieces, and even cried together. The conversation that  we had was only about half an hour but it was truly meaningful, honest and worthwhile. She inspired me and I thought there is no harm trying now.

"Kita diduga dengan pelbagai cara tapi apapun mesti ada hikmah. Dari apa yang saya dengar tentang kisah you ni, saya yakin you boleh, you are educated and I can see that you are very concerned about your kids instead of your ownself. My experiences meeting with single mothers vary. Ada yang ok tapi ada yang fokus kepada diri sendiri, sibuk dengan fesyen terkini dengan gaya yang berlebihan. But I hope you can think and react wisely and this is about the right time for you to seek support from your family and friends. Bukan ambil kesempatan tapi dengan apa yang u ada and your strength, do something and im sure they will support you if they are sincere".

Then I thought this is it. As mentioned in my previous post, my part is done and am now waiting for feedbacks. So why not give it a go. And my girls are also excited about it and they suggested the name Papa Cookies (its all about remembering Arwah Papa).  For our first try it is the Corn flakes homemade Cookies.

Our first week of trying and alhamdulillah we receive orders. Thank you so much to my children for your support and being loyal commenters along with Acik(superb in food testing but yet to order:) and Buji, to Syamin Jannah for the handsome marketing plan, Wee, neighbours, Kak Lina and Suzie, Ms. Leilanie, Ms. Alicia and others. We appreciate your support....Thanks again.

Untuk order yang seterusnya