Saturday, 1 December 2012

Caring is Hapiness

At last I am done with everything for today. Quite a fully occupied Saturday.

Being a single parent  requires plenty of time to ensure everyone's need is taken care. In fact all parents sacrifice their time for the same reason. 

At around 8.30 am, I sent Syakira for her first appointment.  She was a very busy lady attending her first ever theory driving class this morning and again this was one of the conversations between both of them (Arwah and her) when they chatted anddiscussed about her future plans early this year. 

The last three kids are very excited with their new bicycles.  One of the promises made by Arwah to his boys and Hanna. Some people seemed to think that I am too much in spending for them today but in sya allah I can still manage and do things wisely.

Half day has gone and its time for 'nenek' and the girls. A short visit to Jusco but hoped they enjoyed every single moment......

 Seronoknye mereka bergambar dengan Aweera (Mojo) 

Grandma and Grand daughters
My agenda continued with a quick grocery and food stuff for Snowy and Casey (Hasya's favourite).

Hanna & Snowy

Although it was quite an exhausted and restless day but I must admit the beautiful feelings of satisfaction, enjoyment and relief that touches me seeing whom you love are happy and satisfied.......

"Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness".