Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Be Grateful

While waiting for  our turn in Klinik Haiwan Yap yesterday, a lady and her son came in bringing along two kittens with them.  Apparently, they claimed that the cute little kittens were found abandoned by the roadside. Alhamdulillah they were blessed when found by such a  kindhearted family who is really concerned and sincere. Hopefully many more will have compassion and sympathy towards  Allah's creatures, In shaa Allah. .......

By the way, it is not about the kittens that touched my heart, but her son. I didn't realise in the beginning until I noticed something was not right with him.

May I share my conversation with him while waiting for his mother being consulted by Dr. Yap.

Me : Siapa nama adik?
       : Amirul.

Me : Umur Amirul berapa tahun?

Amirul : 4 tahun...eh tak 3 tahun. (Looking at Amirul I was surprised with his answer coz he appeared to be at least 17 years of age :) ).

Me       : Amirul tak pegi sekolah ke?
Amirul : dah habis sekolah.
Me      : Oh umur 3 tahun tapi dah habis sekolah ye. Lepas tu buat apa.
Amirul : Ikut ayah gi wepair(repair) keta. Keluar tayar masuk tayar. Ayah keja wepair keta.

Then both of us went into the room full with cats including Casey. There were SEVEN altogether...

Me     : Amirul kira ada berapa ekor kucing semua dlm. bilik ni.

He started to count and answered,

Amirul : Ada 21 ekor sume, hi hi.....(Such a sincere respond and proudly claiming he counted them right).

Syakira and Hasya smiled at each other. I was right.  After a while his mom came out and she claimed to me, "Anak saya ni memang bising sebab dia ni OKU, tulah hyper sangat".

That moment was really meaningful. Amirul, such a jovial but a  less fortunate person. Nevertheless he is full of love, caring and concerned towards animals. We could see from his expressions and actions. As for his mother, I sincerely respect her as a  very strong person. Despite the fact that she is raising a less fortunate son who needs special care and attention, she is still willing to look after the abandoned kittens, sending them to the vet to ensure they are fit and healthy. I pray for their happiness and blessings from Allah.

A reminder to me, my kids and to all that we should  always be thankful, appreciate  and grateful to Allah for the blessings rendered to us......

"Look up to one who is greater in piety so you strive to be like him and look upon one who is below you in material status so that you may be thankful to Allah's Grace".In Shaa Allah.