Saturday, 27 October 2012

Life and Sacrifice

I guess I'm a little bit too late to wish all muslim viewers "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha" but I hope we appreciate and learn how to sacrifice. Life is full with surprises and uncertainties.  Thus, when it happens, sacrifice is always part of the processes. It leads you to be a better and wiser person, In Sya Allah.

Anyway, last Monday (22 October 2012), my beloved niece Syamim threw a birthday surprise gathering  for my 'little Hanna' and Hasya (they share the same birthday month) since I did not plan for anything .  She took the effort ordering a birthday cake from ibu cookie with fried meehoon, pizza and varieties of pies.  Thanks a lot to you Meem and Akmal for being her driver. You all cheered them up.

To my dear Hasya, you are now 15 years old and always remember life ahead is full with challenges than what you can think of. No matter how difficult and  uncertain they are, life goes on and you will have to face it wisely.

It is sometimes necessary to flash back and remember those experiences and memories. They are your genuine guidance and we learn from mistakes. This is one of the reasons why I am putting them in writing, hoping we can share, acknowledge and learn  for a better tomorrow. 

Arwah Hanif thought me to be a stronger person and I'm thankful for that. I learn two principles from arwah which will remain with me for my entire life. No doubt our marriage is full with challenges, in many aspects. There were always times where I totally gave up but he was always pushing me to become stronger and think positively. "Kalau kita tak bangun dan menghadapinya macamana nak selesaikan. Biar lama dan ambil masa tapi kena juga hadapi."  It was very tough though. He managed despite of  all the challenges he had to face. Unfortunately, when things are getting better and better every single day, he left us forever.

There were times when I tend to be very emotional  listening to those cynical and sarcastic comments from the people (even from whom you never thought so...) but arwah said, 'let it be' and he will just smile. "Allah ada, biarlah". I know sometimes it hurts him tremendously,   but he always reminded us to accept things positively.  In Sya Allah I hope my children will practice the same too in their lives (but I must admit it is very challenging to raise them all by myself, and I am feeling it now...). 

As muslims we are thought to learn how to sacrifice in our lives and let us pray and hope Allah will give us the strength and guidance, always..........

"It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see". Winston Churchill 

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  1. ...MAy Allah be with you and the kids. You all are alwaz in my prayers. :-) matter how hard it is as u may see and face, just remember u are not alone ..