Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Memories Remain

It has been almost two weeks since I last updated my blog. Time is really a constraint right now and we are always aware that "time and tides wait for no man".  Anyway no matter how occupied we are, it is always necessary to have time for ourselves. I feel that is part of self therapy to stay healthy. 

I wish to share and continue my chapters of life from the previous blog. Arwah and i started our life independently. Although it was quite tough but we learnt a lot.  Anyway, it was when Syakira was almost eight months old when we came back to Malaysia for good. Families  insisted us too, and we finally decided to come home.

Convocation ceremony in Kuala Lumpur :) 

Being a parent with a baby, we had to survive for our living.  Alhamdulillah arwah managed to find a job and I joined the teaching line.  That was the time when arwah started his Audit, frequent out stations and due dates to adhere. The worst scenario was that he spent very little time with us but we still managed with the support from our families. Thank you all and i always appreciate.

Anyway, our second baby Hasya Syakira was born in 1997, followed by Haziq (2000),and  Hakim (2003) and  I told arwah having  two boys and two girls were perfect. He spontaneously claimed he preferred odd number instead. In 2006 Hanna was born.

First and foremost - Husna Syakira (1995)

Second - Hasya Syakira (1997)

Third - Muhammad Haziq (2000)

Fourth - Muhammad Hakim (2003)

Last but not least - Hanna Syakira (2006)

He knew he was so much occupied but he enjoyed every little moment with all of them.  Whenever he can, he insisted us to follow him even for one night stay.  "I know I am going to be very busy with discussion, presentation and workshop for the whole day, but at least it is a relief to see all of you by my side at night".  Park Royal Singapore, Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya, Shang Ri-La, Pullman, Equatorial, Nilai Springs, Avillion Port Dickson, Corus Paradise and many more were his family vacation and workplace as well. Now he has gone. I said to them things will never be the same. I think my little Hanna tried to adapt when once she said to me. "Mama, papa dah meninggal tapi boleh tak nanti bila Kak Syakira dah kerja Hanna suruh dia bawa kita pergi hotel lagi. I can just smile and agreed. I know they have always enjoyed the swimming pool and the moment with Papa especially during supper. The memories will never fade away..............

Night everyone...........

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