Sunday, 23 September 2012

Today it begins.....

I would like to share my stories to those who wish to read my blog. Its about life which is full with joy, happiness, sorrow and grievances and will continue until the day of our demise.

Its common to hear the phrase "life starts at fourty".  I never agree with that before but recently I changed my mind. When we lead our lives in a normal momentum, we tend to ignore and not appreciating what we have until it disappears.

The date, 11th July 2012 has totally changed my life and my five kids. The sudden phone call received that afternoon was a real tsunami to my family. It was fated and no one could ever changed that. The phone conversation made me to think of the worst either stroke or being paralysed.........I tried to accept the fate.  Nevertheless, I was wrong when the second call explained everything. Hanif has gone forever living me behind with our five children....I never thought the kids will grow up without papa. I never dream he will leave so soon.

Today has been seventy four days since Hanif left us. Time flies very fast but right now I am feeling as though it happened  yesterday.  I cant deny the feeling of pain and agony when Hanna (the youngest and closest to arwah) questioning why papa has to sleep that early. At one time I heard her complaining to  her sister Syakira (the eldest) about papa breaking his promise. May I quote what she said " Papa cakap aje nak balik cepat hari tu dekat Hanna tapi dia tak balik pun, terus meninggal".... Such a sincere statement was really painful to hear. It hurts me and breaks my heart.  I know the fact that we have to believe in fate, no denial about that. Nevertheless, when it really happened to me, I need to be very strong to accept it.

That is why I thought and agree that life starts at fourty. This afternoon when Encik Azhar, our neighbour passed by, he even said to me that my life has changed, totally....

It was fated and for the sake of our five children life has to go on.........


  1. Suhaizan....... i am reading this, and crying ......
    You are such a strong woman, a wonderful dedicated mother......
    Keep on writing, I am reading ........

    Take care and we'll be in touch, insyaAllah.
    Salam untuk anak-anak.....

  2. Kak Su,

    Very sad for your great lost which cant be replaced. Just can't find words to energies your positive attitude towards yourself and kids.... I believe your hubby will rest in peace since the children are in good hand.... keep moving...will pray for your family... take care

  3. Dear Kak Su,
    I have no words to express my feeling towards the life that you are going through have a very strong soul..keep going....take care yourself and your 5 stars....make them shine in their life....see you soon.

  4. Salam...

    Welcome to the world of blogger. Keep on writing and share :)


  5. keep on writing and a strong mama