Monday, 10 July 2017


You left without explanation. No clue, no sign, and all i know u are gone. You slipped silently with no goodbyes and we realized we had lost u forever. An unforgetable 11th July 2012 and today is 11th July 2017 🇲🇾. Its been five years...

A million words will never bring u back, neither would a million tears . People say there is a reason, people say that time will heal. But all I know, you will never actually understand somrthing until it actually happens to you.

Suratan atau kebetulan. Tak sangka pula malam tadi termimpi. Questions asked to you, asking why we were isolated, ignored lately. U remained silent. It ended just like that . Tiba- tiba tersedar, mimpi rupanya.  Tengok jam, baru pukul 4.30 pagi.
A new phrase from everyone I meet, " dah 5 tahun , sekejap aje ya, zan pun dah senang dah, anak2 pun semua dah besar2". Semoga itu menjadi doa buat saya and anak2. Apapun ank2 semua masih belum boleh berdikari, masih belum habis alam persekolahan. Hidup perlu diteruskan. It is challenging though.

Semoga Allah ampunkan segala dosa arwah Mohd Hanif, semua yang telah pergi dan semua yang masih meneruskan kehidupan.

Yang masih hidup meneruskan kehidupan dan jangan lupa mendoakan yang telah tiada. Aamiin......

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  1. *hugs* ..... am silently here and reading ... If you need me for a cup of tea or just simple chats....