Sunday, 1 September 2013

Thank You

Almost to the end of Syawal and open houses still go on.

Thanks a million to all, Amy and En. Zahid for the brunch, Kak Idah for the great lunch and completed our day with dinner and family gathering in a newly opened restaurant owned by Felda named Savaro located in Publika, Hartamas. Great hospitality and I enjoy the white furnishings and decorating style with splash of green and wood colours.

The kids were overjoyed  that Savaro is just few metres away from Hartamas Regency condo. It was a great timeout for them, spending few hours in the pool regardless of the pouring rain and straight to the restaurant for dinner.
Thank you so much to Kak Yati/Mak De.

Do share several snapshots during the dinner:)

Thank You to Fatin(kanan) di ats layanan

Nasi dihidang di dalam buluh comel

Gambar sebagai kenangan 

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