Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Deal

Baking prevails blogging. That's what I can say for the past three weeks and until today.

Alhamdulillah it is almost a year of his demise but I am certainly surrounded and supported by my parents, siblings, relatives and friends. May Allah bless us all. Thank you to UNIRAZAK and staff for the support, they are still contacting, sharing stories and saying hello to us. Its the thought that counts and we appreciate so much. Sometimes my daughters commented, " Ma, kadang-kadang tu terasa orang luar yang lebih concern and ambil berat tentang family kita. Sedih jugak kan". Yes, I supposed they are certainly right but my dear girls, do remember Allah is always there for us.

Back to Papa cookies, my children are very excited with the practical training for the past few weeks, from production and operation, packaging, labeling, financing, promotion, marketing as well as delivering. Syukur alhamdulillah for the effort. If only he is still around, Arwah must be proud of them....
There was one time during Hari Raya when Syakira was in Standard Six, preparing Mee Goreng for our guests. Arwah was very excited announcing to everyone that her daughter was the great cook...

Papa cookies still go on and is currently busy fulfilling demand for pre-Ramadhan. Orders for Hari Raya are also in the list and orders are still welcome. Please feel free to contact (017-3222455/ 017- 3333315).

Our thank you to Syamim Jannah for her effort that Papa cookies is able to be featured in the mydeal online sales.


  1. |Oh no when I hit the link it is written the cookies are sold out! Please check ya!

    1. Dear Ms Anna

      We can still take orders directed straight to me ya

      Tqvm for ur support:)