Saturday, 16 March 2013


What was wrong with me? It shouldn't have happened if I did not turn back.The old folks used to remind us " kalau dah mulakan perjalanan jangan patah balik tak baik". It happened  last Thursday morning when Haziq wanted to attend his Co curriculum in school early in the mornig. It was fine at first but on our way he left something and insisted me to turn back. I did but not realising Casey our dearest cat was behind the car. Couldn't believe it and I unintentionally hit him!!

Seing Casey struggling for few seconds was never my dream. He was really writhing in pain when a neighbour passed by and claimed to us "he will die"....

Casey di dalam pejalanan ke klinik selepas kejadian.

I might sound crazy but to see him suffering makes me feel guilty. If only arwah is still around. Arwah Hanif adored him so much, in fact everyone does and will be my loyal mate listening to me especially during my grievances. As though he understands and responded well everytime talking to him.

Hurriedly brought him to the nearest vet and it was claimed Casey was hit seriously and the accident affected the whole nerve system.  It is a 50 50 chances, may lead him to coma or total paralysed. I can't believe it and the worst part is that I was the person who caused everything. Its only a cat but Casey means a lot. The day he was admitted and after listening to the explanation, both of us (Hasya and me) were extremely upset. It happened just like that in seconds but unfortunately Casey has to suffer for his entire life. How I wish.... and if only.....

It has been two days. When we visited Casey yesterday and the moment we entered the room he was responding and making noise. I really hope and pray for miracles. Allah is great and we're still hoping Casey will recover, one day........

Kami melawat Casey di Klinik Haiwan Yap.

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