Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A birthday wish

16 January 1995, it was eighteen years ago at 9.15am in St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK . A day of joy, thankful and happiness. Arwah Hanif was so excited to be called abah/papa from that very day. It was a new experience, just the two of us independantly thousand miles away from the families.

 Today, 16 January 2013, after eighteen years, it brought me back down to the memory lane. "I feel the hapiness, I feel the pain, I thought it was over but here I go again"

I felt as though it happens today, one of the sweetest moment in my chapters of life but today I could not deny the feeling of agony without him.  Akak, the minute you called this morning, I was truly in a wistful mood remembering arwah that I was so speechless to even say thank you for the breakfast.

Arwah dalam kenangan (St. Thomas Hospital)
13 Trinity House, Elephant & Castle

He left in the year of our 18th. wedding anniversary and today he is not around to wish Syakira on her 18th birthday.It is a fate............

Syakira misses her dad but this morning Hanna cheered her up by creating a birthday cake from the tab and proudly showed to her the cake she made.

The thought that counts

Kad ucapan hasil kreativiti Hakim

Hakim came back from school and showed the card he made specially for 'kakak'. All of them shared and managed to collect RM16 as a birtday present to her as well. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them and of course with all wishes from aunties, uncles, friends and everyone made her day filled with happiness.

Syakira, may you have all the joy, hapiness and blessings in everything you do. May your life is filled with iman, amal and taqwa and 'doa' to arwah papa in every breath you take. You have grown up with greater challenges and responsibilities awaiting.


  1. Happy birthday, Skakira......
    May you always be blessed with love and happiness.