Friday, 16 November 2012

I miss the moment

This week is a busy week. Every single minute is fully occupied and the first week of school holiday. It is common for parents to take the opportunity to plan various activities.  I supposed nowadays kids are so much occupied with activities planned by their parents (whether they like it or not) and no compromise! I see this scenario as very common in our country. One of the most popular activities is of course the "berkhatan" either individually or in groups.  Same thing goes to our family. My son Hakim and his cousin Cuki were circumcised two days ago. It was quite happening, almost everyone in the family accompanied them to the clinic. The process was less complicated since it was done with laser technique.  Hakim was very corperative and in fact he managed everything by himself. My prayer is that Hakim will always be blessed by Allah.

Early in the morning I went to Uitm as usual and headed to Telok Panglima Garang right after class. Our cousin Allahyarhamah Kak Sinar passed away yesterday late in the afternoon and it was quite sudden. Let us pray she is placed among the righteous, alfatihah......The sudden demise reminded me of July the 11th. and although it has been four months and five days for Arwah Hanif but I feel it happens today...........

Few days ago akak (buji) was on her way to the market when I called her. So I did ask her to buy some squids and shrimps and she asked me for the quantity. I did not really respond until she answered herself, "Tak tahulah ni banyak mana nak beli ye sebab selama ni Hanif yang beli". She was right. And yesterday, we bought some durians from Syakira's friend since Hasya was so excited to have some. Same thing happened. We took longer time to enjoy the durian feast, and yes arwah  was the one who always managed in seconds. The experiences may sound too simple to all but as for me these are the moments which meant a lot to me and the kids as well."Kalau papa ada ni, dah settle...." A typical sentence from my  kids now, and yes I admit it. Being quite dependent, I have to see things differently now. My mom is even taking time to have trust on me, and in fact comparing with others. "Zan tu bukannya tahu apa-apa, lainla kalau Aji ke Lely ke, Ini semua Hanif yang buat. To all of you, I take it positively. do not worry. Wow, I am in my forties but everything is like a new beginning.

Once, I was discussing about family and relationship. Apparently my collegue in the previous workplace shared her experience and it seemed her husband and Arwah shared the same personalities and characters. They prefer to share everything with us from clothing to household. In other words, they are quite conservative and maybe annoying to some.  While sharing the experiences, another colleague interrupted and said "Kak zan sekuran-kurangnya ada husband nak ambil tahu dan nak share semua. Saya teringin nak macam tu tapi suami saya kalau ajak pegi kedai sama-sama, dia kata nak,pergilah sendiri," That very moment taught me to be thankful and appreciate things and I took it as a positive reminder. I must admit it was quite a disturbance at first but as years went by I tried to adapt and now I missed the moment....To all husbands, no matter how strong and independent your wives are, I am sure they always longed for your care and attention instead of being ignorant. Better late than never. I might be wrong but this is what I am missing.

I pray to Allah to be stronger each day for the family and I thank you  for the continuous support from everyone. Its time to prove  although I am the youngest and will always be but I am taking things wisely, in sya allah.

Call for maghrib prayer and hope to continue soon........

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